• Irovit Drops

Irovit Drops

Ironsupplement for infants & children

Irovit drops supply Ferrous Sulphate in easily absorbable and well-tolerated dosage forms that are appropriate for infants & children.

It is specially designed for infants & children with pleasant Strawberry flavor that ensures easy palatability and invites acceptance from infants. It contains Iron as a single active ingredient therefore more economical and the dosage can be easily adjusted to individual needs, also required dosage volumes are small.

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Each one ml supplies

% U.S. RDA % of U.S RDA
Ferrous sulphate 75 mg Infants Children less than 4 years
Eqvt. To Ferrous 15 mg 100 150


  • INFANTS (under 1 year): 1 ml daily after feed.
  • CHILDREN (over 1 year): 1 ml daily after meal.or as directed by the Physician.


Irovit drops is available in 30 ml bottle with child resistant cap and a calibrated dropper.

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